Thursday, 22 October 2009

My own woodpile

A married friend of mine and I have had conversations about our husbands woodpile. Not that our husbands chop or work with wood in any significant way, but when random sized pieces of wood are left over from D.I.Y. or distruction my DH will say "oh, that's a good bit, I might use that. I'll add it to the others in the garage". The pile is significant to say the least.

I have in the past commented on the amount of odd bits of wood we have and am always asked "do you know the price of wood these days?" Well no I don't, so the woodpile grows carefully as no piece of wood can be bought without first looking along each side of the length to check that they are straight.

Why am i blogging about wood? Well, for a few months I have been thinking about making myself a purse. Well, on Tuesday I decided to just do it. I stumbled across some lovely fabric in my fabric stash and decided to get on with it. I laid out some left overs from a dress I made for DD for my trial run.

Then i began to hesitate about cutting. For about 20 minutes. DH came into the room to see me sitting infront of uncut fabric. I mentioned my hesitation and he told me that is just how he feels when he cuts a new length of wood. It was only seconds before he said laughing "that's your woodpile" pointing to my fabric stash. Hmm, that was enough to get me to cut!

I started with a trial run...

Once i was satisfied with that i decided to go for it and followed a fab tutorial from Sew mama sew for a zipped pocket. Over all, i think it went well considering i made it up as i went along...

athough I forgot to think about the closure. That will be my weekend shopping task!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Icelandic wool

Where have i been? Thinking......

For a very long time.

Do i want to start an online business? Can i just blog for fun? Do i have to tell people to come and read? And am i organised enough to post regularly?

Well, as you can guess, i have had lots and lots to think about.

Then there had been the jobs to resign from, jobs to find (in a fabric shop - yay!) and things to make.

A lovely friend of mine brought me back Icelandic wool, so i made myself this years fashion must have - wrist warmers! I've also got started on the presents for Christmas. I'll have to photograph them and show you later.

Anyway i found this fantastic blog and came to the conclusion that i just have to get on with it.

Saturday, 16 May 2009


I've been looking at blogs for some very crafty people and I thought why not join in, so hi.

Last night I made, cakes (lemon, banana) and muffins (banana and chocolate, apricot and honey) for today and today I made Head Teacher happy by getting lots of clearing and cleaning done at the school. My willing helpers were happy with the cakes I made last night so all good.

So, welcome to my journey to blog land. Hopefully you will enjoy my general ramblings about life and things i have made.