Friday, 22 July 2011

A quilt for the girl

Some time ago i made a quilt top for my friend C's first girl.  Unfortunately when my girl came home she told me it was too big for a car lap quilt.  She wasn't wrong!  So I decided to give it to my girl instead.  

Many many hours were spent trying to master free motion quilting with little success so I admitted defeat and sent it away to be quilted.  I had seen a triple daisy tute on Oh Fransson and when I gave the quilt to my lovely local quilt shop my only definite want was a triple daisy in each nine patch. 

Here are some close ups of the work done:

 The triple daisy for each nine patch..

and daisies in the sashing.

So yes it was on a long arm machine, but i was simply blown away with the design.  Couldn't love it more.  So I can see my free motion quilting not getting better for sometime!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Baby quilts

I made some a small quilt from 2 fat quarters of fabric i picked up from a fabric shop...

and then I had bought a bag of scraps from this etsy shop and I made another small quilt.  I needed to practice my free motion quilting.  Loving all of those fabrics.

Well, having made them, what to do with them?  My friend C had a premature baby and I remember reading somewhere that the quilts given to premature babies become the comforters when they are older.  The thought of giving to a family in those circumstances felt good.  So the quilts are going to the maternity ward at our local hospital tomorrow.

Hope your current projects are going well.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Getting organised

So, usually after making a little bag like this one, 
Cupcake bag

I would write about the process in my notebook.  Today I am doing that online to share!

I found this fantastic blog and then made up some bits, like using one strip for the strap across the bag and using french seams so I didn't have to line the bag and there are no raw edges.
Inside the cupcake bag

I must have spent no more than 1 hour with gathering everything and ironing included but that was all the time I had and I know that there are bits that could be improved upon but for a quick sewing fix, I'm really pleased.  The girl gave it the once over when she came in from school and it got the thumbs up!

Sunday, 3 July 2011


my dad being unwell proved to be a bit too much for me and I lost 2 months of this year.  Until about Easter, other than working all I have done is help my dad.  Helping, now that my parents are getting older, is one of the bigger reasons for moving to here but I never factored in how much worrying I would do.  We are coming out the other side and hopefully the worst of it is over.  

Needless to say the 10k run didn't happen either as training didn't happen, so i would have to say until about April 10th things weren't going as expected...

Then S & I went to New York.  A surprise trip for me...

and bless him, he even factored in fabric shopping for a whole day - more about that later.

Well for now there is a party about to happen.  Am i brave enough to take on 'the cube'?