Thursday, 8 April 2010


I am inconsistant in logging on to my computer. There is very little hope for me becoming a good blogger!

Never mind, there were several things to sort out at the start of the year and the most thought comsuming was Josh's operation earlier this week.

All went well and he is bouncing around as normal - it was one of the more common childhood ops - but when you see someone put a large quantity of drugs into your child and say "he's sleeping now" the fight or flight kicks in. Fortunately I did neither.

Because of the op no plans were made for during the holidays as we were not sure how long his recovery would be. Strangely, I am the one going stir crazy indoors! A trip out to look at flowers is in order, so here are a few makes from earlier this year...

From Sew Hip magazine, made for my new nephew.
A new waistcoat for Josh for his birthday party.
I hope the sun is shining where you are.

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