Friday, 22 July 2011

A quilt for the girl

Some time ago i made a quilt top for my friend C's first girl.  Unfortunately when my girl came home she told me it was too big for a car lap quilt.  She wasn't wrong!  So I decided to give it to my girl instead.  

Many many hours were spent trying to master free motion quilting with little success so I admitted defeat and sent it away to be quilted.  I had seen a triple daisy tute on Oh Fransson and when I gave the quilt to my lovely local quilt shop my only definite want was a triple daisy in each nine patch. 

Here are some close ups of the work done:

 The triple daisy for each nine patch..

and daisies in the sashing.

So yes it was on a long arm machine, but i was simply blown away with the design.  Couldn't love it more.  So I can see my free motion quilting not getting better for sometime!

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