Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Quick envelope baby quilt

One of the children's previous teachers at school announced that she was pregnant.  I decided to make a little something for the baby before she went on maternity leave.  I tried to find out if there was any idea as to colour scheme for the nursery; neutral was the answer.  That didn't give me much to work with!

So on a trip to the local fabric shop (that has recently bumped up it's crafting cottons) I found something that was neutral, fun and not too gender specific.

Time was not on my side, as usual, so I have no before photos.

I enveloped the quilt so no binding and quilted on the grid using an idea from Red Pepper Quilts.  I didn't do it exactly the same as I hadn't pieced either side, so I just turned it through and quilted up and down without stopping.  I like the results though...

And from the lovely thank you I received I'm sure that the teacher does too!  
She had a boy!