Thursday, 24 January 2013


Still technologically challenged ( no computer ) so another quick post with 1 photo!

I've just spent about an hour basting this quilt. Possibly my least favourite part of any quilt, as I have to do this on the floor and my knees argue with me.

An hour is plenty of time to think and I wondered, should I have planned my pinning based on my quilting?

I have tried to and even got the tape measure out to check I wouldn't be pinning where I would stitch but I'm not sure if I have the idea right.

So if you have any basting tips they will be gratefully received!

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mammafairy said...

I just baste (pin) as well as I can, and remove pins as I come to them. So no stress about designing my pinning! But everyone does it their own way, I suspect, no right or wrong, just how you think!