Saturday, 21 January 2012

Yes, I am Swooning too

Oh, you have the best will in the world and make plans and I would have to say for once sickness, not procrastination, has beaten me!

I have joined in the Swoon Quilt Along and have finished my first block.

Swoon 1 by Kathie Drake

I found 16 FQ's in my stash and some yardage to make up the last 2. 

Having used white and cream for the negative space before, I fancied a change and went for light grey which I picked up from the local fabric shop.

I've not make a single block so big before and I love the grey.

Well I cut out the second block and then was struck by some nasty virus. I'm still fighting it - I don't do sitting still well! So hopefully there will be another photo next week.

Feel free to join in the fun and thanks to Katy for setting the group up.

Enjoy the weekend!