Friday, 12 April 2013

2013 FAL Q2

I've been looking, and feeling slightly shamed, at how much is achieved by joining in with a FAL (Finish A-Long).  I have tried before just listing things here but clearly it didn't work! :-)   So I've decided to join in with Leanne from She Can Quilt. 

So, in the style of Pointless (BBC program), in order of least likely to most likely to finish:

1. Giant start quilt

I started this at new year eve 2012 and had the top done just before my brother and family arrived. I don't have a day off work anymore and sew on the dining room table which has put me off starting the quilting.  I think i pieced the back and basted it on a free day I had between my two jobs.  I have to quilt and bind it and at about 2m square I'm expecting it to take me awhile.  I'm going for circles which should make it easier but it will be my biggest quilt done at home (read:nervous).  This holiday has helped me reconnect to my sewing machine so hopefully by end of June.

2. Swoon
Moe and Joe (my mojo) left me so I've only got 4 blocks done.  The guilt has been high watching others finish and just not wanting to.  Then I saw others only got as far as 4 and stopped.  It gave me the permission to stop and make the 4 blocks into a top.  I know, I shouldn't need permission, but... well this time I did.  I have to finish the top, quilt and bind this.

3. Just wing it quilt
I started this a while ago, then it was lost carefully put away. About 3 weeks ago I had a massive clear out and tidy and found it again (hoorah!).  All it needs is binding.

4. Embroidery page
I am a member of the Embroidery Guild.  Last year we celebrated the Queens jubilee and this years project is a fabric book.  Each member from our branch is making a page.  This has to be done by next month; no pressure!  I'm new to embroidery so I'm keeping it simple.

5. Cushion cover.
I'm playing with square sizes for another project I would like to start and I made a few blocks from my scraps. 

They were so pretty I didn't want to put them in the 'what to do with pile' so DH suggested a cushion cover to replace this...

 that has been attacked by the boy over the last 6 years.  I had the cushion for about 20ish years before it was "played with" so comprehensively.

I'm going for a more than 50% success rate and I don't think I'm putting myself under too much pressure.  If it goes well maybe I can up my game in Q3! 
Good luck everyone!  Here's hoping we all achieve what we are aiming for.

Linking up with She can quilt FAL Q2

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