Sunday, 22 September 2013

Binding with pictures!

It's been awhile but I have at last done some more bias joined binding.  Not only that but I remembered to photograph each stage (I think).  I guess you could call it a tutorial but so many have done it before and I don't even think it is different, anyway I ramble...

  • Leave about 6 inches free at each end and each end should over lap by the width of the binding and a bit more.

  • Lay the binding out and crease each end so they join (butt them together)

  • Cut one end to the crease 

  • With the bit cut off open it out, lay it on top and perpendicular to the other side (this give you the join point plus the width of the binding)

  • Cut any excess off (cut is made on the further side from the crease)

  • Putting right sides together, lay the shorter end perpendicular and on top of the other side.  Draw a line across the square that is made.

  • Stitch along that line.

  • Check that the stitching is correct in direction and length before trimming

  • If you stumble across these instructions, hope they help. 

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    mammafairy said...

    If you are prepared to cheat a little... and you are opening out your bias to sew it on... when you start sewing your bias on, fold over the lead short end, ( this can be done at an angle, if you like), and just stitch it down, , when you come to the join, just overlap it an inch. Then when you refold and stitch down the other side, you end up with a lovely neat, effortless cheats finish...

    Ask me how I know...