Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Do you Moo?

how are things?  I'm ignoring the things I'm not enjoying and focusing on the fun!

So while I was at the LMQG meeting chatting I spotted some rather fetching Moo mini business cards.  There has been much indecision about this step.  The business cards will be useful, but it implies there is a business to run.  

Bullets have been bitten and I've set up an empty shop.  So empty that I'm not even going to share the link yet. It has allowed me to order the business cards though and they are rather nice :-)

I'm sharing a link to refer a friend for a 10% off your first order, I get £4.50 Moo cash. Their business cards are rather nice and not too expensive considering you can upload 100 images for 100 cards!

Moving on.  There were some finishes at the weekend.  

Pink and Green quilt

This was just the binding to do.  It's one of the fastest start to finish quilts I've done and I used mitred borders.  

Pink and green quilt

So easy! I followed this tute and used less fabric in the mitring process.  I like it.

The needle books have their beads on and I am waiting for the business cards to put into them so they can be posted.


Everything else got to a hand stitch place and then life got in the way.

Hope your week is going well and maybe we can catch up at the weekend. 

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mammafairy said...

Oh exciting to have the cards though! My daughter had some moo cards, but she has never had a business. Perhaps you could call them 'name cards' or even, 'calling cards' instead?