Monday, 20 February 2012

Henry's Wife

Last week was holiday!!  We all had a great time, despite me feeling quite poorly.
The girl came home at the start of the holidays with a challenge for me!  "Mummy can you please make another one of these as we only have 5 and are using another Henry for his 6th wife"  (Henry being Henry VIII)
Henry's wife
This kind of making is not my strong point and I couldn't take it apart for obvious reasons, so I left it until the very last minute so I couldn't obsess about it and I had to get it done.

The first one only had 1 shoulder!  I couldn't put that right so I started again and used a lot more glue.

This is the second one...
Henry's wife
By this time I had done nothing else during day, but the girl was very happy and so I'm not even going to list the things I would like to be different / better.
Henry's wife
I havent forgotten about my swoon quilt. I have decided to do a block a month now that I am working more so I will have another done in a few weeks.