Monday, 6 February 2012

My first Rug Mug

In my quest to improve my embroidery skills I have started going to the "local" (it's miles from my home but I think the closest) Embroidery Guild.

At the meeting I was offered the chance to go for a sewing day at the LQS.  Did I know what I was making? No, I heard the word 'mitred' that was enough. Was I in anyway worried about this? No. It's a day at the quilt shop, I just paid up!

I arrived to get sewing and then discovered that we would be making mug rugs with decorative stitching (the embroidery link).  I had taken my trusty machine with me but thankfully there was one I could use with some stitches that were decorative and not just odd looking!

It was a lovely day with tea, cake and the soothing sounds of sewing machines being used!

It's funny how you don't factor in things like lunch and so don't realise how long a task will take, but we were all done by the end of the day.

I was expecting to do mitred borders, but it was after we had started that i found out that it was mitred corners!  Thankfully our teacher was kind enough to show me mitred borders so now I can get another quilt top finished and to the shop!