Monday, 27 February 2012


Feels like I have been trying to "find" my sewing and the machine for the last week.  There were lots of things to do, but none of them were done.  If I think it through, it was probably the cold virus that is running rampant throughout the house that made me go to bed at 9pm every night last week.

I know that it's not quite March yet but I have been letting the swoon side down.  So tonight I have cut two, yes not one but two, more swoon squares.  Yay me!

Then at the weekend we are going to meet with friends and I said I would bring pudding.  One of our friends is wheat intolerant so today had been my trial run of making chocolate brownies with spelt flour.  It was lunch time and I couldn't wait, which was a good thing as they are really really yummy!

So things are happening and I'm doing my best not to forget you, but life and work are most definitely getting in the way!

Hopefully be back Wednesday with a completed wallet from this tutorial.